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DVDs / Sex Underwater #6 Hunter's of the Great White!

Avg Rating: 5.0

Studio: Aqua Entertainment
Hunters of the Great White! Eight breath defying underwater blow jobs, from reefs to swimming pools, to bubble filled fantasy sets.

Stars: Lauren Lixx, Jessie James, Silky, Barbie, Cara, Robyn Foster, Adrianna, Brandie Wine. 90 minutes, SU-06

Scenes From Sex Underwater #6 Hunter's of the Great White!
Tiny Bubbles - Jessie James, gorgeous as always, licks and sucks her way to a mouthful of cum in a bubbly studio set.

Silky-Hunters of the Great White
14 min of video
Silky - Silky and her young man enjoy a romp in the pool. Great breath holds and upside down underwater cock sucking - what a great little gal to have around!

Sea Slurper - Robyn Foster slurps a saltwater cock on a rocky reef. So this is what scuba divers do when there aren't any lobster to hunt!

Hold your Breath - Lauren Lixx gets bored just hanging out, practising her breath holds. She needs something to do. Coach has no problem giving her something to chew on!

Cara Tomuch-Hunters of the Great White
9 min of video
Cara Tomuch - And Cara does care too much on how it feels. How does it feel as she gulps down this massive hard cock? I know you'd like to find out! Someone did.

Barbie-Hunters of the Great White
9 min of video
Barbie - Golden haired Barbie hangs out in a glittery studio set, sucking on her mans dick like her life depends on it!

American Beauty-Hunters of the Great White
11 min of video
American Beauty - Brandie Wine is a perky little hot-body that just has to get a mouthful of cum before this swim session is over. Glub glub - ohh what a relief it is!

Adrianna - Hunters of the Great White
8 min of video
Adrianna - Vamped up like an ocean going Harpie, Adrianna puts on a world class underwater dick sucking performance. Sensual and fast paced this scene might stop your heart - watch with care!